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About me

Until recently I've been a teacher arts and crafts for grades 9-12 and I’ve taught young adults with an intellectual disability how to use computers  and how to surf the internet. I’ve also  been an arts and crafts teacher at a primary school where I taught grades 4-8 for seven years. The tangram has always been one of the children’s favorite subjects. At this moment I am a full time mother.

About a year ago I was flipping through a book of tangram figures that I had once used for one of my classes. My two year old daughter immediately showed great interest in the pictures of the book. To my surprise she recognized many silhouettes. She also seemed to be fascinated about the geometric puzzle pieces. Inspired by her interest I made a few worksheets for her. They were literally received with cheers, so I made some more.

While I was making the worksheets I realized that there were only two types of puzzles:
Easy - with solutions showing the outline of all pieces.
Hard - with black silhouettes or outlines of the whole picture.
The ‘solutions’ are great for teaching shapes recognition and the silhouettes will help children build their critical reasoning skill. Most of the silhouettes  however can be quite difficult to solve for young children and beginners. Therefore I have created multicolored tangrams. They often give away a bit more of the solution than the black silhouettes and are easier to solve without giving away the whole solution.

Silhouette - Outline - Solution - Mosaic

Multicolored T-Shirts

Meanwhile, the collection has grown to more than 400 colorful tangram figures. They have become so nice that it is a shame to keep them only for ourselves.  Occasionally I make a set of thematic tangram worksheets, puzzle cards and clipart’s with 20 different figures.

For some occasions, like Halloween or teaching the alphabet, I make Special Editions. The tangram is also ideally suited to explain geometric concepts like telling the difference between polygons and non-polygons or congruent and similar. 

 All tangram worksheets  are for sale at my TPT-store:

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact me at:

My daughter and I are admiring a sculpture at a local fair.

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