dinsdag 31 december 2013

Penguin Parade - Tangram Patterns

Basic Activity:

Ship ahoy! Come and join us on an exciting (polar) expedition. This tangram set contains 20 different South Pole themed shapes with penguins, mountains and two ships. Some puzzles are easy to solve, others can be quite challenging.

There are 2 different types of booklets, 1 set with additional activities and 4 types of puzzle cards. You can use any combination of booklets and puzzle cards you like. This makes it easy to differentiate, so it is a great resource for any age.

Additional Activity:

Meet this cute family of eight penguins: Wobble, Nosey, Chilly, Flipper, Speedy, Wiggle, Splash and Frisky. They all share the same body, but look surprisingly different.

Students are playfully introduced to the geometric terms - Transformation (Change / Move), Translation (Slide), Reflection (Flip) and Rotation (Turn) - when they give the penguin’s heads, beaks or wings a different position.

Additional Activity - Content:
- Worksheet Transformations with an Answer Key (A4 / 2 pages)
- 8 Puzzle Cards (A6 / 4 per page)
- 1 Penguin body - showing the outlines of each puzzle piece (A4 / 1 page)
- 1 Penguin body - showing the outlines of the whole body (A4 / 1 page)
- Tangram set (A4 / 3 per page)

How to use (3 options):
Option 1: Use the puzzle cards + the colored puzzle pieces + the penguin body.
Activity: Transform one penguin into another penguin by changing the position of the head, beak and wing.
Option 2: Use the penguin body + the colored puzzle pieces
Activity: Create your own penguin.
Option 3: Use the penguin body + colored puzzle pieces with a center point + transformation chart.
Activity: Turn penguin A into penguin B. Which transformations do you need? Tick the correct boxes.
You also need tools like a paper piercer or pushpin and a piercing pad for this activity (not included).

Tangram Patterns Penguin Parade with penguins mountains and 2 ships
12 Penguins
5 Mountains
1 Sailboat
1 Ship
1x 3 Fishes

You can buy the 'Large Pack' here.
Price $4.00

You can buy the 'Puzzle Cards Only (Silhouette and 7 Colors)' here.
Price $2.00

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