donderdag 10 april 2014

Chickens, Roosters and Turkeys - Tangram Patterns

I've created two supplementary tangram sets:
  1. Chickens & Roosters
    This set contains 12 different tangram shapes: 8 chickens and 4 roosters. 
    It is a 'Puzzle Cards Only'-set, which means there are two types of puzzle cards (silhouette and 7 colors) + puzzle pieces included.

  2. Thanksgiving Turkeys
    This set contains 2 different tangram turkeys.
    It contains 2 types of math mats: mosaic and outline. The tangram figures with the outlines can also be used for other creative activities such as drawing a background or adding more details to the figures.
    Also included are 4 type of puzzle cards: 5 colors, 7 colors, mosaic and silhouette and 6 types of clipart’s.


You can buy the 'Chickens & Roosters - Puzzle Cards only' here.
Price: $1.50

You can buy the 'Thanksgiving Turkeys ' here.
Price: $1.00

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