zaterdag 9 mei 2015

Tangram Domino

Traditionally, students are given a silhouette or an outline to solve a tangram puzzle. However in this case the traditional tangram game is mixed with the ‘matching element’ of the dominoes game.

Students are given tangram pieces with 7 question and 7 answers. They must match each question with the corresponding answer. After all questions and answers are matched, a tangram duck is formed.

The questions and answers are editable. You can enter any question / answer you like. Simply open the file Microsoft PowerPoint and click on the text boxes. The text boxes are already placed in the right position and direction.

Included are:

- Instructions on how to edit the questions and answers.
- 1 Editable page with 3 strips of puzzle pieces for your students to cut out.
- 1 Editable page with a worksheet for your student to paste the pieces.
- 1 Page with the tangram solution.

You can buy the cut and paste worksheets here.
Price: $2.00 

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