zondag 18 oktober 2015

Coordinate Graphing - Halloween

This resource contains 6 different pictures and comes in 5 levels.
The activities require students to use the grid code / coloring directions and crayons or markers to create various images on a 19x19 grid. I have used letters on the horizontal axis and numbers on the vertical axis to introduce young students to coordinate pairs without the confusion of the standard (h,v) format.


Ghost, Black cat, Dracula costume, Butterfly costume, Pumpkin / Jack-o’-lantern, Witch


1 Color by number (color)
2 Color by number (black & white)
3 Color by number & Coordinates
4 Coordinate graphing + Color by number background
5 Coordinate graphing
& Coloring directions

Also included are answer keys and blank worksheets.

You can buy this set here.
Price $4.50

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